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Oregon Save Our Schools is following the following bills that have been put forward in this legislative session.

Concern over alternative pathways to teaching in HB 2878:

HB 2516: Support to Outdoor School: Allows moneys in Watershed Conservation Operating Fund and Watershed Conservation Grant Fund to be used for educating elementary school students concerning protection and restoration of native fish or wildlife habitats, watersheds or ecosystems.

HB 2664: Standardized Testing

HB 2665:  Impact of Poverty in Education

HB 2666:  Data Privacy

HB 2682:  High-stakes standardized testing: Limits when school districts may administer statewide assessments, directs Department of Education to conduct study to determine effectiveness of statewide assessments, prohibits school districts from taking certain actions to educator based on results of statewide assessments by students of educator

HB 2863: Data Privacy and Chief Data Privacy Officer

HB 2864: Local Control

HB 2865: Establishes Task Force on Outcomes-Based Funding for Education

HB 2866: Expands quality goals to be considered by Quality Education Commission when determining amount of moneys sufficient to ensure that state's system of kindergarten through grade 12 public education meets specified goals.

HB 2867:Directs Oregon Education Investment Board to prepare report related to removing barriers to learning caused by poverty.

HB 2868: Directs Oregon Education Investment Board and Department of Education to jointly prepare report related to strategic investment initiatives adopted by board. 

 HB 2640: Adds one member to Oregon Education Investment Board as representative of oldest nonprofit network of parents in Oregon that provides statewide representation of parents.

HB 2538: Adds one member to Oregon Education Investment Board who serves as member of school district board

SB 567:  Directs State Board of Education to appoint Chief Privacy Officer to be responsible for ensuring that student information contained in student education records is adequately protected. 

HB: 3426 Opt Out of State Testing 

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