Kitzhaber's Business-Written School "Reform"

Tom Olson's "Oregon's Private Corporate-Driven Education Reform: A Primer and Recent History" , Jan 2, 2013


  1. Our Children's Education Is In Jeopardy
    Gov. Kitzhaber took a stand against the former No Child Left Behind education program. He stated “I welcome President Obama's leadership in providing relief from the punitive provisions of No Child Left Behind. No Child Left Behind has twisted accountability through its single-minded focus on high-stakes standardized testing and labeling schools and students as failures. We look forward to working with the U.S. Secretary of Education on a waiver that establishes school accountability based on meaningful information about student progress and delivers appropriate support for schools.”
    Are you aware that Gov. Kitzhaber appointed himself as Supt. Of Public Instruction, setting a new precedent, and then allowed the federal government to coerce Oregon into accepting Race To The Top funds, so Common Core would become the mandated program in our schools? Sadly, the Governor's statements also apply to Common Core – and even more so. I am not able to google to find out his stand on Common Core but have noticed that Dennis Richardson is very clear on his position in his candidacy. Check out his position and more at . If we care what and how our children are being educated, we MUST become informed. Our schools and teachers need the freedom to make their own decisions.

  2. The legislative session in 2011 made Kitzhaber the State School Superintendent. It changed the position from one that was elected to one that made the Governor the State School Superintendent. Where is the checks and balances now? Stand for Children was in favor of this change as well. Now several involved with Stand for Children serve in new positions created with the OEIB, 40-40-20, and the new corporate reforms of June 2011.